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Hard Rock Hotel - Daytona Beach

I want to rock! (ROCK!) Boy did I get to rock out this past weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach. If you are a classic rock fan like me this is the place to vacation at when traveling to Daytona Beach, Fl.

When arriving to the hotel you feel like you are part of a rock video and you are the rock-star. So many amazing signed guitars, musicians clothing and how about that amazing car you are greeted with parked in-front of the hotel?

The hotel has a very modern classic rock feel to it and it is right on the beach. What gets better than that?

I was so excited to check out our Oceanfront room! The room was very spacious and had an amazing waterview. You could sit outside on the patio and listen to the live bands play at the Wave Terrace or just sip on a glass of wine and enjoy the views of the waves crashing! The room had so many rockin' hidden touches like the ice bucket that was a disco ball! Where can I get one of those for my home? NEED!

Also when you check-in they ask what music genre you would like playing in your room. I of course went for classic rock. I thought that was such a nice added touch for your stay. Sometimes you just want to listen to music and hear the ocean instead of watching TV.

My husband and I decided it was time for a snack and went over to Sessions which is Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach's main restaurant. Sessions is most well-known for its rock-star style and panoramic Atlantic Ocean views.

We ordered the French Baguette Pizza (on special) and the Rock Shrimp (Tempura, Chili-Garlic Sauce). The Rock Shrimp were delicious! I could not get enough of the chili-garlic sauce! Through out my stay if I saw anyone eating at the restaurant I always recommended getting the Rock Shrimp since they were so tasty!

I also decided to get a fun craft cocktail called the Seaside "Blues" Lemonade (Absolut Citron, Absolut Mandarin, Lemonade, Sierra Mist, Blue Curacao). How delicious was this! Very refreshing and not too sweet. It also makes the perfect vacation cocktail with the bright blue color and beach vibe taste!

Every weekend the Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach has live music on the third floor at the Wave Terrace. The Wave Terrace faces a gorgeous oceanfront stage where you can indulge in local beer, craft cocktails, and a seafood-inspired menu of ceviche, seafood towers and more. You can enjoy all of the delicious drinks and food while jamming out to a live concert. This is all included in your stay for free! (drinks/food for purchase)

Probably one of my favorite highlights was coming back to the room and sitting on our terrace while I had a glass of wine. It was so relaxing and always a great way to end the night.

Our overall stay was amazing. Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach really knows how to make you feel like a rock-star. I will definitely be back again to visit. Go check out there website and book your stay-cation or your rocking trip away from home. You will not be disappointed. I mean who hasn't wanted to feel like a rock-star before? Well now is your chance!


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