Laser IPL in SRQ

Last time I was at The Laser Lounge Spa of Sarasota for my botox appointment I spoke to Owner, Jeff Goldstein about my rosacea. I have always had redness on my cheeks and nose. I have tried dermatology prescription treatment but since my skin is so sensitive it never worked and it just amplified the problem!

Jeff recommended treating my face with Laser IPL. Since I am new to this whole advanced skincare I had never heard of Laser IPL before.

Laser IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is used to treat sun damaged skin, facial capillaries, brown spots, rosacea and even fine lines! When I set-up my appointment I set it up for one full face treatment. A full face treatment at The Laser Lounge Spa of Sarasota is $325, which is super affordable. With Laser IPL you can get your face, chest, hands, neck and even spot treatment done.

An intense light is applied through a series of gentle pulses to the area being treated. The light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the dilated blood vessels or pigmentation. The bodies targeted heat will allow your body to begin its natural healing process after the procedure.

My treatment took a total of 30 minutes but the actual Laser IPL was only 5 minutes long! Alicia Pucci was who did my treatment for me and she was amazing! She applied numbing cream that had to sit on my skin for 15 to 20 minutes! I will have to say it was funny having my face so numb! I felt like when I got my wisdom teeth out. I totally thought I must be drooling on myself since I can't feel anything!

After the numbing cream had settled Alicia put the ultrasound cream on before she got started with my Laser IPL treatment. Then she put goggles on me to protect my eyes from the laser and we were on our way!

I will have to say the treatment was intense and I am happy it went fast! It felt like a hot rubber band snapping on my face. Some areas were not bad at all but other areas on my face were very sensitive like my forehead, under eyes and upper lip since there is not much fat/collagen in those areas. Little flashes would go off followed by the snapping feeling and before I knew it Alicia was done!

It felt like I had a bad sunburn on my face after we were done. She warned me to stay out of the sun until I heal and make sure I am always wearing sunscreen. I was also given an ice ball to help cool my face off and it worked wonders with my swelling immediately.

Overall verdict on Laser IPL (drum roll) I am huge fan. Yes there was some pain involved but it was short. Recovery was almost immediately! I had swelling for a day or two and no bruising. You could definitely have this treatment on a lunch break like botox but try not to wear make-up for the first day if you can.

The Laser Lounge Spa of Sarasota was amazing as always! I loved Alicia Pucci and highly recommend her if you are looking to get Laser IPL done. The best part is when I came in for my appointment she told me she just had Laser IPL done! So any questions I had she could honestly answer from her own experience which I loved!

Alicia Pucci, The Laser Lounge Spa of Sarasota

If you are looking to keep your skin looking youthful I definitely recommend Laser IPL treatments and visiting The Laser Lounge Spa of Sarasota. The team is so helpful and does amazing work. You will not be disappointed!

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