Let's Talk Botox SRQ!

I have had so many requests on what is like to have Botox done, where to go and how long it lasts I figured I would make a blog post on my newest appointment.

First off I want to say it took me four years to find a place in Sarasota that I trusted and believed in. For the longest time I would drive all the way to Tampa just for my botox appointments and then the past year I just stopped all together. Not because I didn't want too but because I didn't have the time to drive over an hour and still had not found the right business to work on my face. May sound strange but I feel like your face is what everyone sees first and is your first impression and I did not want to mess that up (literally).

Now for the great news. After all these years of searching I have finally found my home for botox! The Laser Lounge Spa of Sarasota I met with a few weeks back to make sure it was a good fit. Before I even met with the team I looked at reviews and was blown away. Everything was so personalized in every review from the names of who the patient worked with to the procedure itself. Don't believe me. See for yourself. REVIEWS.

I absolutely fell in love with Jeff Goldstein, Owner of The Laser Lounge Spa of Sarasota and his energy and how educated he was with every question I presented him. He also made me feel very comfortable and relaxed which if you have had any procedure done in the past you know this is very hard to find!

The Laser Lounge Spa of Sarasota is gorgeous on the inside with a beautiful waiting area. Awards out on display such as First Place in Best Local Med Spa (Sarasota Readers Choice), Finalist in Best Local Day Spa (2019 Sarasota's Readers Choice) & Finalist in Best Local Med Spa (2019 Manatee Readers Choice). I mean with all of the reviews and amazing awards how could you go wrong? The staff were all super friendly. You know the kind of friendly you would go and have happy hour with friendly. Yup! I know..I couldn't believe it either.

Now for the actual botox procedure. The procedure itself took about 15 minutes and was painless. Before we even got started Jeff gave me a stress squeeze ball which I thought was great (even though I didn't need it) and also iced down the areas for injection so it would be less painful for me. The botox areas I focused on was my forehead, crows feet and chin area. (As you can you see below in my pictures & videos.)

Before I knew it was I on my way! This is something you could even have on your lunch break from work. No bruising, painless and amazing results. After I got home my husband said "Wow, they did a great job." I answered with, "Thank you but you probably can't tell anything yet." He said, "Your lines are pretty much gone on your forehead." I didn't believe him until I snapped a picture. They were almost completely gone..already! In all of the years past I have never had results that fast and satisfying.

I plan to go back in three or four months for my touch-up but couldn't be happier!

Best part is The Laser Lounge Spa of Sarasota doesn't only offer Botox. They also offer Laser Hair Removal, Dermal Fillers, Lip Enhancement, Kybella & so much more. Check out there website HERE.

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