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SRQ - June/July Fleming's Steakhouse Chef's Table

I had the pleasure of dining with Fleming's Steakhouse Sarasota for the June/July Chef's table.

As I am sure you all remember my delicious food from the March Chef's Table with Chef Matt Nabor. I didn't think it could happen but this months menu is even better than the last!

Chef Matt Nabor always selects the freshest local ingredients and comes up with the most creative chef table menu's every month.

As always I had to start my night off with one of Fleming's Steakhouse creative craft cocktails! I decided to try something new for my first drink and it did not disappoint! CALIFORNIA JAM JAR (Ketel One vodka, fresh basil, ripe strawberry & citrus with savory hints on the nose). The drink was super refreshing and not that sweet which I loved. It is definitely a great beach cocktail to try.

We started with two appetizers on the chef table menu. SHEPHERD'S PIE CROQUETTES

(tenderloin, potato, peppercorn) and SHRIMP AND GRITS (chorizo, garlic, cilantro oil). Both dishes were so good. The croquettes were nice and crispy with perfectly cooked tenderloin. The shrimp were enormous and tasted just like lobster. The grits I could have made a whole meal out of. They had the perfect amount of garlic and cilantro!

Next up was the WATERMELON SALAD (cucumber, feta, balsamic, basil). This was the perfect summer salad! I loved all of the flavors. I want to try and recreate this at home but I highly doubt it will come out anything close to how amazing Chef Matt Nabor's version was!

I decided to pair my entree with KELLY FLEMING 2015 SAUVIGNON BLANC. The wine was created by Fleming's Steakhouse owner wife and is definitely now one of my new favorite wines. It had delicious flavors such as grapefruit, lychee and lime zest!

For our entrees we had the BLACKENED SNAPPER (gulf caught mutton snapper, mango salsa)and the SLICED FILET AND MUSHROOM RISOTTO (king oyster mushrooms, pan sauce). If you are a seafood lover the snapper was delicious and was nice and crispy on the outside. It paired nicely with the mango salsa. The filet and mushroom risotto was one of my favorite dishes I have ever had at Fleming's Steakhouse. The king oyster mushrooms had the same texture of the filet and the whole dish had so many amazing flavors.

The sides accompanied with our entrees were the TRUFFLE PARMESAN FINGERLING POTATOES and GREEN BEANS AND CRIMINI MUSHROOMS. I loved all the flavors for both sides but how can you ever go wrong with anything that has truffle in it?

We ended our night with dessert and had the CHOCOLATE CARAMEL SEA SALT MOUSSE. The dessert was so rich and was the perfect way to finish off the night!

Our waitress Barbara Farrellwas the best! She always had a smile on her face and at the end of the night surprised me with homemade truffles! How sweet is that?

I always have the most amazing service when I go to Fleming's Steakhouse Sarasota. The food is always phenomenal from Chef Matt Nabor and you can never go wrong with any of his dishes.

If you want to check out all of the yummy food for yourself this menu is going on now through July!

Also stay tuned for my visit in August for Fleming's Steakhouse Sarasota NEW Chef's Table Menu.

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