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2020 Amazon Swim Finds (Under $30)

I know all of us being locked up in quarantine has got us shopping a ton! With summer around the corner and a ton of beach days in tow I wanted to put together my top 10 amazon swimwear finds for my ladies! There are so many affordable options when shopping on amazon and alot of the time no one thinks to buy their swimsuits from them. I have purchased at least five bikinis and one pieces in the past year and have loved all of them. The trick is to make sure you read the reviews. The reviews will always state if something is true to size, if you should size up, if the colors are accurate and so much more. I personally like the high waisted bikinis and a sexy one piece. I am 37 years old and curvy so I try to find anything that helps compliment my curves and not make me look like a giant potato haha. The good news is all my finds are under $30 and some are as low as $15! In no particular order here are my top amazon swimwear finds. (some I own and some of my girlfriends own the others and rave about them) 1. CUPSHE Women's Ladies Vintage Lace Bikini Sets Beach Swimwear Bathing Suit $28.99

 Now just add a margarita in one hand and your bestie next to you and you are ready for a fun day in the sun at the pool or beach! I will be doing a round-up of my favorite summer dresses next so stay tuned! Also make sure to follow me on pinterest. I just started an account and will be sharing everything from fashion, events, food and more!


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