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About Laurie

Hi..I'm Laurie.👋 If you are new to following me...Hi & welcome to my world!🌎 I love great food🌮 & drinks🥂, traveling✈ & finding new amazing hotels/restaurants & living my life to the fullest.❤

I am married💍 & have a huge family of pups🐶 & a cat🐱 living in the sunshine state🌴 but I am from NY.🍎

When I found this backdrop at @selfiewrldtampa I knew it was for me.💕 I wear my heart on my sleeve & I am super loyal & adventurous.🏃‍♀️ I am 100% a ride or die🙌..but have finally learned over the years that you are not everyone's cup of tea🍵 & the people sometimes you think are on your side are not..even if you give them 100%.🚫 That is ok though to let go & to finally start appreciating the right people in your life. I am a Cancer zodiac🦀 so I tend to care too much & hold on for too long.🙃

I have grown so much the past year📈 & I'm so happy with the woman I have become & where I am heading.😍

Thanks for following along with me.🙆‍♀️ I love sharing all my loves with you guys! I am so grateful for each & every one of you.💙

What is a big step you have taken this year to become a better you?👇


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