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Better Than Sex Desserts

Chocolate, Desserts and Wine..OH MY!

Better Than Sex - A Dessert Restaurant is a full-service dessert only restaurant that also features something unique; chocolate and caramel rimmed wines, beers and cocktails. Plus a numerous array of speciality desserts for everyone's palate. Everything is all wrapped up in an intimate speakeasy atmosphere which makes your dining experience even more enjoyable.

I have been going to Better Than Sex - Key West for 10 years now. We always go and celebrate my husbands and my anniversary. Each time is always a fun and delicious experience. The restaurant is always filled with locals, tourists and people celebrating a fun event.

This year for our anniversary I was able to get my all time favorite chocolate rimmed wine -

Carly's Button (Paringa "sparkling" shiraz in a dark chocolate rimmed wine). It is so good I always get two glasses!

We were also greeted with two glasses of champagne with blueberries to say thank you for celebrating so many years with us. How sweet is that?

For dessert we shared Cookie Nookie Pie (Intense Sweetie Pie... Chocolate Chip and Pecan Cookie filling wrapped in a Flakey Pie Crust. Vanilla Bean Ball. Caramel and Semi-Sweet Chocolate) This dessert is to die for and you will not be disappointed!

I was also lucky enough to experience Better Than Sex - Orlando a few weeks ago for my birthday as well. The vibe is very similar to the Key West location but a tiny bit different which makes it special in its own way. Some of the wines are different and specials from other locations.

I had the Lickin’ Love (Pinot Noir covered in Belgian Dark Chocolate and Drizzled in White Chocolate) and I also had there special Rosey Cheeks (Chef-crafted rose simple syrup and prosecco. Half rimmed with Callebaut white chocolate and honey). Both were so good! Even if you are not in the mood for dessert and love wine and chocolate..this is a must have!

I also tried the Money Shot (Chef-Crafted Irish Cream Licker. Topped with Whipped Cream) These were the perfect after dinner shot!

My plan is to try and visit all of there locations over the next few years. As of now I will be visiting the Savannah, GA location in October so stay tuned!

Also for all my local followers and readers there is some big news on the horizon! Better Than Sex - St. Petersburg will be arriving very soon! Make sure to follow Better Than Sex on instagram for all of the updates HERE. You do not want to miss out on the launch of this new location!


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