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Boho Outfits Perfect for Spring 2020

Spring is a time of renewal, both for nature and for ourselves. It’s also the start of a new fashion season, a perfect opportunity to exercise your creativity and rediscover that sense of freedom which can all too easily fall by the wayside during the bleak, snowy days of winter.

A great avenue for embracing both the rejuvenate qualities of spring and the self-expressive potential of fashion is the aesthetic many of us know as Bohemian, or Boho. Taking its name from the former Kingdom of Bohemia and inspiration from the roving Romantics of 19th-century France, Boho fashion celebrates individuality with billowy, comfy clothing and quirky, whimsical accessories.

Whether you’re looking to try a new style or just want to shake up your current one, these Boho outfit ideas are sure to help channel your inner iconoclast.

Graphic tee + floral sundress

One of the great things about Boho fashion is that it’s stylish without being cliquish or expensive. Pairing two common clothing items that are not usually combined is chic, unique, and best of all cheap.

Head to the local secondhand store or look up a Walmart promo code and get yourself an inexpensive vintage (or vintage-style) graphic tee. The more distressed the better. Then wear that under (yes, under) a colorful floral sundress. The juxtaposition between tomboy attitude and cheerful femininity really captures the fun that comes from letting your spirit run free.

Flowy top + jacket + maxi skirt

This is a good outfit for one of those breezier spring days. It also works well in semi-formal settings. A sleek earthy-colored leather or suede jacket adds shape and contrast to the loose, flowy blouse underneath. Layers are a Boho girl’s best friend, after all. A top with a slightly plunging neckline is especially eye-catching, as it creates an extreme angle against the straight lines of the jacket’s chest and the upward-and-outward formation of the collar.

The real main event here, though, is the ankle-length maxi skirt. The dichotomy of blouse and jacket is strong enough that those items should be kept simple. But what makes this outfit really stand out is a bold, fanciful maxi skirt. The more decorative frills, the better.

Kimono + tanktop + jean shorts

Here’s a tip: any outfit that features something lightweight enough that you can twirl in but also big enough that you can hold it out on either side of you and flap like bat-wings is peak Boho. Few clothing items meet the criteria better than a long, loose-fitting kimono. Sheer or solid, patterned or plain, wearing a kimono always feels (and looks) fantastic.

Once again, juxtaposition is the Boho buzzword. The elegance and exoticism of a kimono stands out all the more when worn over a single-color tanktop. A pair of worn and frayed denim shorts adds to the effect, especially when the pant legs are shorter than the length of the kimono itself.

Don’t forget the accessories!

Nothing says Boho like a nice assortment of accessories. Big sunglasses and floppy wide-brimmed hats are like exclamation marks at the end of a sentence. They just make everything pop that much more! (See?)

Jewelry is a wonderful addition too, although too many pieces or pieces that are flashy, fancy, chunky, or loud may detract from the rest of the outfit. Consider sticking to fewer, more subtle pieces. The most important thing is finding jewelry that is a little different or has special meaning to you. Your look should express who you are as a person. That’s what Boho is all about!

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