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Coconut Curry Deviled Eggs

This BETTER//BROTH™ twist on a the classic appetizer is perfect!💓 Especially since there is a Flash Sale today only for BETTER//BROTH™ Coconut Curry. Link in my bio. 🔹️Coconut Curry Deviled Eggs Ingredients:🔹️ 6 large hard boiled eggs 3 tbsp mayonnaise 1 tbsp dijon mustard 1 packet BETTER//BROTH™ Coconut Curry 1/4 tsp pepper 🔹️Instructions:🔹️ 1. Cut eggs in half eggs in half 2. Scoop the yolks out of the halves and place in bowl. 3. Add mayo, mustard, BETTER//BROTH™ Coconut Curry and pepper 4. Mix well 5. Scoop or pipe yolk mixture into the egg whites. 6. Store in refrigerator


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