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Few Will Hunt

"Everybody wants to eat but few will hunt."💪 . How true is that statement?🤔 . It doesn't matter how long it takes.⁣ Doesn't matter how many times I may fall.⁣ I will keep going.⁣ I will keep growing.⁣ Growth only happens in times of trial.⁣ We are made to do hard things.⁣ We are made to test ourselves.⁣ We are creatures of habit but also made to adapt to change.⁣ I am not perfect.⁣ I'm not out to get a 6 pack.⁣ I'm just a girl on a journey of a lifetime.⁣ MY lifetime.❤ ⁣. Are you ready for your journey? Who is with me? Lets do this!💥

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