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Florida State Fair

I had so much fun at the Florida State Fair this year. I have to be honest. I go for the delicious fun food! This year was no different.

One of my favorite food stops was the grilled cheese truck! I asked what is the best one on the menu since there were so many options! I was told the bacon, tomato, cheddar and boy were they right! Crisp bacon, lots of cheese and a perfectly ripe tomato. I had to hold myself back from getting another sandwich there.

Our next stop was the bar to get an ice cold beer. I love that you can have drinks at this fair and walk around and enjoy everything they have to offer. Most fairs do not have that option. The Florida State Fair even offers fun drinks like the cotton candy prosecco and tons of other mixed drinks and beers to choose from.

Next food stop was the doughnut burger. Yes you heard me correctly. Talk about indulgent! The fries even came out hot and fresh which is amazing to have at a fair. I even shared part of my sandwich with my good friend Ethan. He is a sucker for doughnuts and I don't blame him!

We continued our fair journey to check out all of the amazing animals. They had such a variety and you could feed all of them if you wanted too! Everything from goats, llamas, cows and alpacas. They even had zebras and giraffes. It was so cool to be able to feed these amazing animals.

Now it was time for dessert! My husband and I can never go to the fair without having something deep fried. We got a mix of the deep fried oreos, cookie dough and reeses. So good! Highly recommend that as one of your stops at the Florida State Fair.

There are only a few days left to enjoy this fun fair. Last day of the fair is on February 18th! Make sure to check it out you will not be disappointed. Adult tickets are $13, Children's tickets are $7 and kids 5 and under are free admission! Also parking is free for the fair so you can't beat that.

Purchase your tickets in advance HERE.


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