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Flying Squirrel for the Day

This weekend I was able to experience TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park. TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park is the largest zip line aerial adventure park in Central Florida, located just north of Tampa, Florida.

We had perfect weather for the courses. There are 8 different courses you can pick from ranging from Easy Courses to Crazy Courses. There are a series of platforms interwoven throughout the trees that are connected by cable, wood, rope and zip lines to form different elements to challenge you. Each element presents a different obstacle of how to get to the next platform.

I will have to be honest it was very challenging in the beginning. Especially if you do not have anyone in-front of you showing you how to handle the next element. I found the most challenging obstacles were the ones when there was a wire to walk across. If you are tall or have large feet it is definitely hard to keep your balance. The courses have you work every muscle in your body so I am definitely feeling the burn a few days later! So not only is it a fun challenging activity you will also get your workout in!

The tickets to the park are very affordable and have a few additional options you can add on to your ticket.

General Admission tickets do not require a reservation and are sold at the front ticket window. General Admission allows a free climb on all 8 of TreeHopper's courses. Tickets are valid for 3 hours of climbing time from time of purchase.


$19.95 - Young Children 5 & 6 (w/ paid Adult of 18+)

$37.95 - Child 7 to 11

$55.95 - Adults 12+

Unlimited Bottled Water Option - $4.95 Per Person

Climbing Gloves (yours to keep) - $4.95 Per Person

Premium Climbing Gloves (yours to keep) - $9.95 Per Person

Check out your ticket options HERE.

TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park would be a great team building retreat or a great place to take the kids for the day since there is so many options of different level courses. There are picnic benches located throughout the park so you can bring coolers of food and make a whole day out of the experience!

Another cool part about TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park is they are also the owners of SCREAM-A-GEDDON. If you are a big Halloween fan like I will not want to miss this event. I go every year and it is definitely one of my top favorite haunted attractions.

Stay tuned for more info on that event and follow there instagram for updates.

Head on over to TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park website to check out all they have to offer!


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