Koozie For Your Slim Cans

Introducing the world's first insulated 12oz slim can cooler Brumate. Guaranteed to keep your favorite 12oz slim canned beverages ice-cold until the last drop.💙 Loving the design & my drink stays so cold!❄ They have numerous colors to choose from. It fits the following 12oz slim cans: Michelob Ultra, Truly, White Claw, Corona Extra, Spiked Seltzer, Henry's, Starbuck's Refreshers & All other slim style 12oz cans!🍻 Perfect for Tailgating, BBQ'ing, Fishing, Hiking, the Beach, Pool, Camping, Get-Togethers, or Outings.🌭🍔🌞 Click HERE to purchase. You will get 15% off your purchase & 5% of all proceeds go to the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY.💕

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