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Positive Vibes

I’ve always been the person who would always be there for you. You need me for something? I’m there. You need advice, or just need to vent?

I’ve got you...❤ But.. what I’ve come to realize is.. I was giving so much to people who wouldn’t do the same for me. When I needed them. There was always a reason they couldn’t be there for me. I would just accept it & let it happen simply because I didn’t want to lose them from my life.🤷‍♀️ BUT WHY?! Why give your all to someone & cross oceans for them when they aren’t willing to do the same for you?🤔 I’m learning a lot about myself this year. And one thing I know I want for myself is a solid circle I know I can trust to be there for me, as I would for them.... And if I feel the need to remove people from my circle, or my life...I will.✂️ I will be protecting my inner peace✌ & no longer using my time + energy on anyone who wouldn’t do the same for me. 👋🎤 #positivevibesonly


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