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Set Boundaries

When you set a new standard on how you expect to be treated, you’ll be surprised at those that disappear from your life. It’s a hard pill to swallow, when you realize how many people benefited from your lack of self-love & boundaries. It’s also a great way to filter your circle.❤ . I felt this tank was perfect for that motto.🐶😄 . I started my health journey awhile ago & fought many health battles along the way. From hormone imbalance to autoimmune diseases...losing my gallbladder...anxiety/depression...the list goes on.😣(Still struggling everyday) . It hasn't been easy but I keep pushing. Some days are harder to get out of bed & keep my fitness journey going but I will keep pushing.🏋️‍♀️ . I write all of this because I know alot of you struggle with the same issues. Just know someone else is going through the same ups👆 & downs👇. . You will power through & become better than before. Just keep pushing & keep the mind set that no one can stop you & know I'm in your circle cheering you on!💪🔊


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