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The Roaring Twenties in Tampa

First you knock and then that is followed by a tiny window sliding open on the door. "Password, Please." Passwords for reservations are given by making a phone call in advance and you must have this before entering this Tampa Bay speakeasy bar.

Ciro's brings you back to the 1920's. All from the decor, to how the waiters and waitresses are dressed. It feels like you are in a really posh jazz bar from back in the day and what is better then that?

The speakeasy supper club is located on the ground floor of a condo building on the corner of Bayshore Boulevard and Howard. There is no sign on the side of the road and even the outside of the building maintains the speakeasy secrecy.

I was able to preview a bunch of there drinks that are launching in July with there new menu. All of them were delicious. It was hard to pick one that is my favorite. Each drink was so different and came out with an amazing presentation.

"The Vodka Red Bjork" had Carbonated Reyka Vodka, Smarties Compound,

Guarana Reduction, Lemon, Fee Brother’s Plum Bitters and Q Tonic. The ice was in this amazing shape to help hold the smarties candies up a float!

"Just a Thot" had Orange Infused Dobel Blanco, Giffard Lichi-Li, Aperol,

Lemon, Agave, Fee Brother’s Rhubarb Bitters, Reagan’s Orange Bitters and Orange Air. Such a pretty drink and tasted amazing.

"Fancy AF" had Gra’it Grappa, Nurchetto, Rucolino Amaro,

Mastiha, Lemon, Apple Syrup, Angostura Bitters and Applewood Smoke. This hands down was the best presentation and most gorgeous drink! I mean check out that video!

"Get LIT" had Paranubes Oaxacan Rum, Del Maguey Vida Mezcal,

Waterloo #9 Gin, Foro Amaro, Lemon Cordial, Lime, Angostura & Scrappy’s Lime Bitters, served with a chaser of Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao & Coca Cola. This drink wins most creative of the night. Look how cute that glass is and it tasted great!

I was also able to try two of there new menu items while sipping on so many amazing drinks. Duck Fat Fries (Malt vinegar aioli, porter mustard infused

gruyere sauce, cocoa ketchup) and the Pate Board. Both were super flavorful!

Overall Ciro's is a great place to get away and enjoy a nice night away from your normal routine!

You can have dinner there or just go for appetizers and drinks. I guarantee everything you try there will be unique and that you can not find anywhere else.

Make sure to set-up a reservation and get your password for the day before heading over to Ciro's. Then get ready to transform yourself back to the roaring 20's and have a night to remember.


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