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Wine in My Hand, Toes in the Sand

Wine flies when your having fun!

I had a great time at Clearwater Beach Uncorked this past weekend! So many delicious wines from around the world & yummy local cuisine to try. We had gorgeous weather as well!

Clearwater Beach Uncorked

Clearwater Beach Uncorked served up an 180-degree Gulf of Mexico view blending local chef rock stars with national brand partners offering tastes & sips to please everyone!

Clearwater Beach

I am pretty sure there wasn't one wine that I tried that I did not enjoy. One of my favorite wineries in Florida was present as well. San Sebastian Winery from Saint Augustine. If you have never visited them I highly recommend. It is also a great time to visit Saint Augustine during the holidays.

San Sebastian's Winery

I tried alot of new amazing wines that I will definitely be purchasing in the next few months. One wine that peeked my interest was FitVine Wine. There wines average less than 1 gram of sugar per liter or less than 0.09 grams of sugar per glass! All of there wines are gluten free and vegan friendly, you can't beat that!


If wine isn't your forte there were plenty of breweries present at the event. One of my favorite breweries made it all the way from Islamorada, Florida. Islamorada Beer Company has some of the best craft beer in Florida. A few of my favorites are Sandbar Sunday American wheat beer and Channel Marker IPA. Road trip to Key West? Next time stop in for some craft brews and tell them I sent you!

Islamorada Beer Company

Now for the food. If you are a fan of cheese plates like your girl is. There were a ton of different cheeses to try. So I was a happy camper!

Also Shephard's Beach Resort had the most delicious lobster empanadas! I will definitely be visiting in the next few months for the gorgeous water views at there hotel and the yummy food they offer!

Lobster Empanadas

Another amazing dish I had two days in a row was Dandy's Fresh Produce super sweet corn hummus with celery sticks. So thankful to have this recipe. I will definitely be making over the holidays and I will make sure to share the recipe so you can make your own as well!

Sweet Corn Hummus w/Celery Sticks

Clearwater Beach Uncorked had so many samples my goodie bag was full when I left the event. Everything from fun beach sunglasses, koozies, wine & beer glasses, to-go bags of ParmCrisps (#keto friendly) and the most adorable miniature Nutella bottles. (Almost so cute I didn't want to eat but too delicious not too!)

The weekend festivities flew by and I am already excited about next years Clearwater Beach Uncorked. Set your calendars my friends you will not want to miss it!


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