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Corsica Wine Tasting - C'est La Vie - SRQ

I had the pleasure of attending the Corsica Wine Tasting at C'est La Vie - University Park.

The tasting included four glasses of wine and four courses. One of the best parts was the education we received on Corsica and the background of how there food and wine is made.

The night started off with some amazing music that made you feel like you were right there in Corsica!

First was the appetizer which was a Gougère (small pastry puff with cheese) and was paired with a glass of Corsica cocktail. Both were delicious and a great way to start the tasting!

First main course was Traditional Soup (white beans and vegetables) and was paired with a glass of Alba Di Diana Rosé. The soup was so flavorful and the rosé paired perfectly. If you love a good dry rosé this will be your new favorite summer wine!

Second course was Tartelettes served with spinach, cream and broccui. This dish was paired with a glass of Clos Sulana Red. The tartelette was probably my favorite dish! I could honestly eat this every day and the wine was very smooth and helped amplify the delicious dish.

Third course was Tianu (stew with pork and white beans) and was paired with a glass of Terra Di Diana Red 2017. All I can say is wow! The pork melted right in your mouth and the dish had such a great spice to it!

We ended the night with Fiadone (Corsican cheesecake without bottom layer made of broccui, sugar and lemon zest) and was paired with a glass of Terra Di Diana Blanc. This dessert was out of this world!

Overall the tasting was fantastic! If you are looking to learn culture, eat some delicious food and try some yummy wine this is the set-up for you!

Don't worry if you missed this past tasting..C'est La Vie has more events coming up like the Bastille's Day Dinner and Rhone Valley wine tasting. Make sure to call and make your reservation because spots sell out fast! 941-355-2323

Cheers my friends and see you there!


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