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Grand Opening: Thee Tree House

Join me Friday December 7th at 7pm for the Grand Opening of Thee Tree House!🍽

The grand opening will feature food & drink tastings, a tour of the new space & entertainment.🎤 Formerly Platt Street Borough Bar and Eatery, Thee Tree House has undergone an expansive renovation to turn the former eatery into an immersive jungle-like experience with overgrown foliage, exposed wood, rope swings & decorative artwork.🌱

Thee Tree House team will be teaming up with One Tree Planted to plant one tree of each sale for there "Herbaliser" cocktail..a CBD-infused drink. The nature inspired restaurant will also be one of the few locations in Tampa Bay to offer CBD-infused dishes & drinks. How cool is that!!🥃

House-made ingredients are used in all of there menu items, from the wedge salad dressing to the poutine gravy. Shareable plates like seasonal cheese and charcuterie boards mingle with mains like lobster paella and sous-vide chicken breast with roasted sweet potato and grilled peaches.

Sit on one of there distinctive rope swings and sip on some wine or smoked cocktails — including a “decantered” Old Fashioned. Or if you are into spicy and bold flavors have a pineapple-jalapeño margarita or some bacon-infused bourbon.

I'm telling you if you are looking for a unique restaurant with delicious cuisine & drinks..You will not want to miss this grand opening of Thee Tree House! See you there!


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