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Ketosis AKA Superhero

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Ke•tosis. /kē’tōsis/ n. an elevated level of blood ketones. n. the optimized state of human performance.💪 AKA: Feeling like a superhero everday!😎 I have been drinking therapeutic ketones now for over a year & I can't imagine a day without them.💕 Adding therapeutic ketones into my day to day routine has helped keep my brain focused throughout the day, give me the energy I have always looked for & has also helped me push harder in the gym! (ketones also aid in muscle preservation💪) KETO//MAX has been a game changer for me & it helps a ton during the holidays to fight those cravings & burn fat for fuel when indulging!🎄💥 Wanna know more? Email me.📨 I have a few coupons left for my website or I can get you a 10 day experience pack!🦄


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