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QWO Treatment - Holcomb & Kreithen

Who is ready to up their summer body for bathing suit season?

I recently went in to Holcomb & Kreithen to meet with Dr. Kreithen for some QWO treatments.

If you’ve tried improving your diet and exercise but still struggle with cellulite on your buttocks, you’re not alone. It has always been an issue for me. Apparently up to 90% of adult women experience some degree of cellulite in their lower body!

QWO is the first FDA-approved injectable to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women.

QWO is a combination of naturally-occurring collagenases that are injected directly into your cellulite dimples. Once injected, it immediately goes to work breaking down types 1 and 3 collagen that cause cellulite dimpling in the buttocks. Think of it as botox for your butt but better!

You will have three treatments and they are spaced two to four weeks apart.

Now for the pain level since I get asked that alot. If you have gotten a shot before or botox I would compare it to that. Slight pinching but hardly any pain. There is a good amount of bruising in the injection sight for the first few days but it will subside over the week. Also everyone bruises differently so my after bruising might be different then yours.

When I came in for my 2nd appointment I had already lost a few areas of cellulite and when I came in for my after photos at Holcomb & Kreithen from my final treatment I lost even more cellulite! I was blown away.

One of my favorite things about the treatment is that there is no down time! You can go in on your lunch break and go right back to work.

If you have been thinking about getting any work done I highly recommend Dr. Kreithen at Holcomb & Kreithen. Every time I get anything done with him he always makes me feel so comfortable. I have gotten botox, filler and QWO done by Dr. Kreithen and each time I leave Holcomb & Kreithen I feel even more confident.

When you set-up your appointment make sure to tell them Laurie Livin Life sent you!


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