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Top 5 Pizza Places - SRQ

As most of you know I am from New York and that is the capital for amazing pizza. Also my husband is from Chicago and to me is a close runner up for delicious pizza in the US.

I have been in Sarasota for 5 years now and have explored a good amount of pizza places in the area. Have I had a chance to try every pizza place. No I wish! I wanted to share with you my top five pizza places in SRQ in no particular order!

1. Evie's Tavern

Evie's has several locations around our area. When I moved to Ellenton I was so excited to find one was right by where I live. Nope. No food. So disappointed! That is ok there are plenty other locations. Evie's Tavern Bee Ridge, Evie's Tavern University, Evie's Tavern Main Street and Evie's Spanish Point. All locations have a different feel but they all have amazing New York style pizza. They also have other amazing dishes and drinks to choose from you can not go wrong!

2. Goodfella's Cafe & Winery

Goodfella's is one of my favorite dine in pizza places in SRQ. They have everything from classic cheese pizza to lobster bisque pizza. Yes you heard me right! One of the best pizzas I have ever had. Goodfella's Cafe & Winery offers artisan wines and an array of homemade Italian food. They even have a loyalty rewards program for FREE Pizza, Beer, Wine, & discounts for Wine Making Classes! They also have a bread & homemade balsamic bar with tons of homemade balsamics/oils to try which adds to the whole experience!

3. Michelangelo 301

I lucked out with this hidden gem since it is a few miles down the street from me! You can dine in or dine out and the food is amazing. My favorite is there New York style cheese pizza (see the pattern) and garlic knots! They also serve wine and beer. All through football season this was where I picked up pizza to watch the game at home. If you love New York style pizza this is your new spot!

4. Joey D's

Ok since I have been going on and on about New York style pizza..what about another favorite...Chicago Deep Dish! Joey D's is the spot if you are from Chicago, love Chicago food or are a big fan of any Chicago sports team. My husband is from Chicago so he first introduced me to the amazing deep dish pizza. We were super happy to find several Joey D's locations around the area to dine at. They have everything from deep dish pizza to the famous Chicago style dog! Next time your craving some Chicago dishes you definitely need to check them out!

5. Bavaro's Pizza

Bavaro's has several locations throughout Florida. (St. Petersburg, Tampa, Tampa Airport, Sarasota) Everything is made from scratch and there Neapolitan wood-fired pizza is to die for! Also if you love a good dessert pizza there nutella pizza is amazing. I have been to the Sarasota and St. Petersburg location and every time has been a great experience. They also have delicious pasta dishes that you will not want to pass up while you are there.

Don't see your favorite pizza place on my list? Shoot me a message I may not have been there yet! If you are a restaurant owner and think your pizza deserves a highlight on my page let me know. I love trying new places and adding to my favorite restaurants.

While we are on the subject...Are you a thin crust or deep dish pizza fan? What about toppings? I personally love plain New York Cheese Pizza and super greasy. If you blot the grease off your pizza I am not sure if we can be friends. Kidding...kinda.


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