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Vitamins for your skin

I am always looking for new skincare products. I also take a ton of vitamins everyday so finding a moisturizer that has both is amazing.❤ MultiV6 products utilize a combination of six vitamins plus resveratrol to deliver nutrients & intense hydration to the skin.

“The body delivers only a small percentage of vitamins to the skin no matter how many vitamins you ingest. Applying MultiV6 skin care topically delivers maximum anti-aging benefits – from improving tone and texture to fading under eye circles. You will be amazed at how quickly your skin will begin to look better than ever.”-Wayne E. Beckley, Creator Here are the vitamins included in the moisturizers: 🔹️VITAMIN A reduces redness, fades brown spots 🔹️VITAMIN B5 reduces moisture loss, boosts hydration 🔹️VITAMIN C smoothes & firms skin, fades sun spots 🔹️RESVERATROL protects from free radical damage 🔹️VITAMIN D3 diminishes fine lines 🔹️VITAMIN E alleviates dryness, bolsters UV defense 🔹️VITAMIN K helps diminish under eye circles Merlot Usa Skincare has definitely done there research. I love how soft & bright my skin is after. Also sll there products are high end & super affordable.👌 Click HERE to check out there products.💕


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