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Always Eat After 7pm - Part 1

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

This post is brought to you by our sponsor, “Always Eat After 7 PM”. The opinions expressed below are my own. As alot of you know I am on a health journey to better myself inside and out. I was super excited when I received the advance copy of "Always Eat After 7PM" by Joel Marion. For the next month I will be sharing with all of you my journey with the book and how my body responds to the diet. I am excited to see all of the benefits I have been reading about!

The book, Always Eat After 7 PM plan is a 14-day Acceleration Phase to kick-start the program and see rapid results, The Main Phase where you’ll learn exactly which foods to eat when in order to achieve your weight-loss goals, The Lifestyle Phase to keep the weight off for good. There are so many yo-yo diets going around and I love how this is a lifestyle change and something to help you keep the weight off for good. I love how Joel shows how the rule eating late is actually ok to do and it can benefit your body! He provides studies and his own experience and his own weightloss journey which helps make the book so relatable for everyone. After all of his research Joel decided to put his views to the test and ended up with incredible results! He lost 12 pounds in the first two weeks and 46 pounds after sixteen weeks. How amazing is that! Joel even gained a ton of energy with his new plan. His cravings for unhealthy food even disappeared! As you guys know I have been to the specialist doctor alot lately and when Joel talked about how his blood results got better so quickly it really blew my mind. Just hearing the him say: "My confidence was back because I felt like a new man!" Really hit me hard since I have been struggling with confidence for such a long time with my body image and I would love to start feeling like proud of my body/health again.

Bestselling author, Joel Marion, is a fitness expert and nutritionist debunking the myths underlying traditional dieting and offers a simple, highly effective weight loss program. Stay tuned! I will post an update next week on how I am feeling and more about the book! Until then, check out this video on Joel’s top tips for success:

This post is brought to you by our sponsor, “Always Eat After 7 PM”. The opinions expressed below are my own.


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