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Duffy's Sports Grill - Football Menu

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Who is excited that football is back!

I know I am and I am always looking for new sports bars and different menus to try out for the games during football season. Even if you are not a huge football can be a huge foodie fan and Duffy's Sports Grill hits the nail on the head for all the delicious food finds.

Duffy's Sports Grill has always been one of my favorite restaurants and now they have upped their game. There football menu game that is!

There new football menu is to die for and if you are buffalo chicken lover like I will want to run not walk to your closest Duffy's Sports Grill.

I was able to try all of these amazing new menu items at my local Duffy's Sports Grill located in Sarasota, Florida.

I first tried the Buffalo Chicken Dip and for being a big buffalo chicken fan I was worried that I would not be impressed. Boy was I wrong. This is literally the best buffalo chicken dip I have ever had. So much flavor and had the perfect amount of spice.

I also tried the Buffalo Chicken Nachos. This menu item was Duffy's already amazing nachos topped with the Buffalo Chicken Dip. What! Mind blown. So much flavor and the perfect appetizer to accompany a football game with a group of friends.

Next up on the list was the Buffalo Chicken Tacos. The chicken was so juicy and had the perfect amount of buffalo seasoning. The tacos also had a homemade ranch dressing that helped bring out the flavor of the tacos even more.

Now for my all time favorite new football menu item! The Buffalo Tailgate Sampler (Crunchy Buffalo Cauliflower, Flamin' Hot Cheetos Boneless Wings and Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins with homemade blue cheese dressing). This way you can get the best of all the Buffalo flavored world! I was a huge fan of the Buffalo Chicken Potato skins. Anyone that knows me knows I love potato skins and adding another one of my favorites on top made it even more indulgent! Also the Flamin' Hot Cheetos Boneless Wings were crazy good! If you love Flamin' Hot Cheetos these are a great addition to the everyday boneless wings.

Overall I was super impressed with Duffy's new football menu. In addition to all of there yummy food items they now have pitchers of beer for $9.95 (Miller Lite) and Sangria Pitchers if you are not a beer fan. These are an actual good sized pitcher which is hard to find. Normally there is an ice holder in the middle of most pitchers which ends up providing you with only two glasses of beer. Duffy's pitchers have the standard five 12 ounce beers in each pitcher which is great.

Also for all my sports lovers Duffy's Sports Grill has TV's all over there restaurant so you can watch multiple games at one time. So grab your crew even if you are not fans of the same team and head over to Duffy's for some Buffalo Chicken goodness, beer and all of the football games.

I know I will be at Duffy's pretty much every weekend! What is your favorite football snack/food?


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