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Scented Ambiance for your home

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Ok if you are obsessed with candles or wax melts you are going to be obsessed with these wax buttons like me.💕 Havanah's Bliss sent me the winter wonderland collection that I am burning right now. (cranberry delight)

My whole house smells like I have been baking & I only had to use a few of the melts. They also sent me the floral collection that I am going to use after the holidays.🎄

There wax warmers deliver a no-stress way to enjoy melting. Havanah's Bliss offers different types of warmers to suit anyones needs. From tea light warmers to set the mood to plug in warmers to eliminate all odors in bathrooms they have got you covered! I can't stand when I buy wax melts or candles & the smell is gone in a few hours. Thankfully these last a long time & a little goes a long way. Super affordable as well!.👍 Use code: IGLOVE for 15% off your order. Shop HERE.


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