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Virtue of Health Journey - Part 2

I am finishing up week one from my prescriptions & supplements from Virtue of Health. So far so good and I am feeling great. Click HERE for my previous blog post if you have not read about my journey

My new supplements/prescriptions include:

  • Testosterone 2.5 mg since my testosterone was a little low Progesterone 75 mg since my progesterone was very low

  • Cell Food Drops to help with my low oxygenation and high hematocrit

  • Methyl Folate for my high MCV & low MCHC

  • Turmeric for moderate liver enzymes

  • ADK10 for my low Vitamin D

  • Boswellia Phytosome for supporting my lungs, GI tract, muscles, joints, and brain

  • Trace Minerals for my mineral consumption. Most people receive from food but my body does not process like a normal person.

All of these supplements are on top of all my original supplements from my last blog post: Digestive Enzymes MetalCalm Betaine HCI 600 MG L-Glutamine Powder L-Lysine UF Max Advanced Care 100B Probiota Bifido

It is alot of pills a day. Almost 30 pills a day! I will say I am sleeping better, my stomach is not upset like in the past, regular bowel movements, more energy during the day, joints feeling better and overall pain free!

I am hoping this will help with my weight loss journey as well eventually. I have not been able to lose weight in a few matter what the diet is and how much I workout. You can imagine how frustrating that is. After speaking to Dr. Jaqlyn she agrees that my body has not been processing food and vitamins correctly for a long time. I will be going back in at the end of May to do another blood analysis to check on how my levels are looking after being on all of these supplements. I am so excited to see my results. I have had alot of you reach out to me on my instagram and email about more details on Virtue of Health for your own health issues. Feel free to fill out their new patient form HERE. It will be the best decision you make this I promise you. I went 7 years without any answers and doctors pretty much ignoring me. Dr. Jaqlyn and Virtue of Health treat you like family and not like a number.

If you have any questions about my experience or about Virtue of Health feel free to shoot me an email or instagram message. I am an open book and hope that you can find answers and positivity in your health journey like I have. Stay tuned for more of my health journey in the upcoming month!


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