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Virtue of Health - Patient Consultation - SRQ

The results are finally in from Virtue of Health and I am so excited to share I finally have answers for my underlying health issues. If you did not see my last blog post on what Virtue of Health does I will link HERE for you to read before reading the rest of this blog.

I went in to Virtue of Health a few weeks ago for my live blood analysis, patient consultation and EKG (electrocardiogram), First off if you are someone that is squeamish of needles or gets nervous before doctors appointments Virtue of Health makes you feel so comfortable at your appointment. I met with Tracey and she was awesome. They always keep a smile on my face and making jokes to keep everything light-hearted. Before I knew it my blood work was done and it was on to the the EKG.

I had never had an EKG done before so was not sure what to expect. It is pretty simple. You know when back in kindergarten you would get rewarded with a bunch of stickers? Well imagine that but they are stuck all over your body with wires attached. A button is pushed and you are done! Good news was I was able to get my EKG results immediately and I was told my heart is very healthy!

After all my procedures were done I waited to speak to Dr. Jaqlyn about our next steps. She asked me some questions about my health struggle over the past few years and suggested I get started on some medicine before my blood-work results came in. She put me on Betain HCI to take with my meals to help with digestion, L-Lysine for stress, AdrenaMed for the stress of my adrenals, L-Glutamine for my gut flair ups and Probiota Bifido & UF Max Advanced Care for my probiotics. I was also told to stop my melatonin and sleeping pills I have been taking for 5 year and replace them with MetaCalm before bed.

It was a two week wait for my blood results but I already could not believe how much better I was feeling. My bowel movements were normal and regular. I actually was falling asleep at night without the use of sleeping pills and overall my energy was better in the afternoon and I did not feel as sluggish. I had a conference call to go over my live blood analysis with Dr. Jaqlyn over the phone because of the quarantine. I was super nervous but excited at the same time. Thankfully a ton of results came back in my blood-work. In the past I wasn't tested on so many levels. I loved how Dr. Jaqlyn looked so in-depth into my health and it showed that she was committed to figuring out what was wrong and getting me on the right path to a healthier and pain free life.

My Vitamin D and Folate came back low. Also my progesterone and testosterone came back low and out of range. I found out I have a blood disorder that is common in people with ancestors from the Mediterranean. What does this mean? It means I do not absorb nutrients and vitamins like most people. Anything I put into my body can become toxic for me that would normally help an average person. It causes an abnormal form of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the protein molecule in red blood cells that carries oxygen. This has caused me to become anemic. Hence the fatigue and having no energy. My grandmother had something similar so it made sense since it does run in my family. The most concerning result was my CRP was very high. CRP is C-reactive protein and shows if there is inflammation in the body. Normal people stay in a range of 5.1 and lower. My results came back at an 8.1. So what does all this mean? More supplements and a few prescriptions to start fixing the underlying issues. Dr. Jaqlyn felt super confident that we will be able to help me feel better in all areas with the right supplements and prescriptions.

She started me on turmeric everyday to help with my inflammation and I will be picking up all of my prescriptions and supplements in the next few days. I will be sharing on my next blog post everything I will picking up and what my next steps are. I am positive that I am taking the steps in the right direction with Virtue of Health and it is the best decision I have made in a long time. Even with my health being at 25% better that is a huge plus for me since I have felt horrible for 7 years with no help. I know a few of you have already reached out to me about setting up your own appointment with Virtue of Health and that you are having similar health issues. All I can say is don't wait! It is worth it and if you take the right steps you will be on your way to a healthier and happier you.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions and stay tuned for my next blog post on where my journey is headed next. You can sign up for a new patient consultation at Virtue of Health HERE.


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